Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club Youth Development Program


Program Description:

WCCSC Junior Athlete Development Program (Ages 12 - 18+)

Dates: Sept 2018-April 2019

Days of Week: Monday and Thursday 4:15-6:00

Cost: $380 for season-membership with Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club is required


The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club operates within a long-term athlete development (LTAD) model that promotes a healthy lifestyle where people participate in lifelong physical activity.

The Junior Athlete Development program provides skiers an opportunity to develop technique, increase physical fitness and explore the many facets of cross-country skiing. Skiers can join at any age, with a basic skill level, and are grouped according to ability.   Cross country skiing may seem like an individual sport but the enjoyment and fulfilment for any athlete comes from being part of a team, a club, a community.  Our club strives to maintain a strong team spirit, and we will look to build that community and team spirit through this program.


The objectives of the program will be Fitter, Faster, Stronger, and athletes will be able to use these skills towards whatever their personal goals are in the sport of cross country skiing.  

Objectives for this program are:

• Create a training environment where athletes are challenged physically and mentally, allowing them to be a better athlete and person which helps them to reach their goals 

• Create a training environment where athletes are committed to constant technical improvement in cross-country skiing.

• Create a training environment that is fun and inclusive and provides a social space where athletes want to be.

• Create a love and passion for outdoor physical fitness in all seasons while exploring the Mt Macintyre area.

• Provide an environment where opportunities to engage in racing are offered if this is something the athlete is interested in


A head program coordinator will support this program.  All coaches will work with the program coordinator throughout the season to coordinate all lesson plans and skill and fitness development. 


Age Group: Ages 12-18

Date: September 2018-March 2019, Monday & Thursday 4:15-6:00

Fee: $380

Important Information