Snow Bikers and Walkers

Posted 2 November by Miriam 0  Comments

Reminder to all snow bikers and walkers

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Reminder to snow bikers and walkers that use the single-track trails during the winter season: the winter access plan for the Mount McIntyre area agreed to by the City of Whitehorse and WCCSC is still in effect. Please note the trails that are permitted for these activities, as highlighted on the map, and refrain from using other single-track trails and all ski trails. Permitted trails can be accessed via the Dirt n' Soul Jump Park off Sumanik Drive, Copper Belt Railway, Raven's Ridge, and Copper Ridge residential areas.

The WCCSC is working together with City of Whitehorse and Contagious Mountain Bike Club (CMBC) to provide access to additional single-track trails. Please stay tuned for further developments.