Thank you for your support!

Posted 3 February by Miriam 0  Comments

We did it! Thank you to everyone for the support you've shown to one of Whitehorse's hometown elite athletes, Knute Johnsgaard.

Your individual donations were extremely generous and demonstrated a club level commitment to our athletes, but equally important, helped spread the word to the broader Yukon Community! 

Based on your grassroots initiative, a very generous Yukon based corporate donor has now stepped forward to help Knute and other elite Yukon x-country athletes.  Watch for more news in the coming days.  

This has been a great example of our community supporting and saying thank-you to our athletes in a way we can - by helping them meet their basic needs to live, train and be perform at the highest level possible. 

For our elite athletes this financial support is crucial.  It's inspiring for all us to be a part of these achievements as we move forward into an Olympic year and watch these individuals compete at the highest performance level in the world. 

Thank you!