Our Awesome Team



Hello I'm Hannah!

I love skiing and snowshoeing on the amazing ski trails and single tracks throughout the winter.
Hannah Shier
Ski Shop Tech

Hello I'm Regan!

I've been skiing since she was about 4 and now trains with blue squad on the Yukon ski team. I enjoy skiing with my family, friends and my dogs. In the winter you can find me skiing and in the summer I'll be out running on the trails.
Regan Fuerstner
Ski Shop Tech

Hello my name is Hannah!

I love the outdoors. In the winter, cross country skiing is my passion and in the summer, biking, running, roller-skiing and hiking is what I love to do!
Hannah Jirousek
Ski Shop Tech

Hello I'm Amanda!

I was introduced to skiing at a young age and found the squad programs an excellent path to follow. I enjoy going for long skis with my fellow teammates.
Amanda Thomson
Ski Shop Tech

Hello I'm Finn!

Most of the time you will find me behind the desk of the ski shop making hot chocolate for the little shredders or servicing skis. Yet on top of that the occasional ski attracts my attention as a way to get out and active in such a beautiful trail system. Don't be shy to stop by and say Hi.
Finn Matrishon
Ski Shop Tech

Hello my name is Sarah!

I love to skate ski and think classic is pretty fun, too. My personal wintertime motto: "Ski more, wax less!"
Sarah Ouellette
Ski Shop Tech

Hello I'm Phil!

In the winter I can be found on the ski trails whenever time permits or on long blades coaching Yukon speed skaters. In the summer, I prefer two wheels either on the road or the trails.
Phil Hoffman
Ski S'Cool and Lynx Squad Program coordinator

Hello my name is Lauren!

I love winter. If I’m out skiing you’ll most likely find me on Upper Valley or Powerline, but if I’m not skiing I’m probably out sledding, skating or snowshoeing.
Lauren Dieckmann
Club Manager Assistant

Hello, I'm Miriam!

I love “playing outside” with my dogs. If I’m not xc skiing on Mt Mac trails, you can find me ski touring at the White Pass or exploring trails on my winter bike.

Miriam Lukszova
Club Manager

Hi, I'm Kristenn!

I love to get out on the trails during the day and enjoy the sunshine. I often ski with my son Charles in the pulk or my dog Izzy in the harness, or both!
Kristenn Magnusson
Jackrabbit / Bunny Program Coordinator

My name is Jian, nice to meet you!

I'm the person who you don't see that often since I'm working mostly early in the morning or at late the night. I'm very happy to groom the trails and see happy people skiing on them.
Jan Polivka
Operations Manager (Master Groomer)