Respect the trails & Hours of Operation

Posted 9 April by Miriam 0  Comments

With the warm weather skiing at the Whitehorse Nordic Centre came to an end this year and the ski season is officially closed. The grooming has ended for the season (the last day of grooming was April 1).

Hours of operation for The Ski Base and Chalet are being reduced as the season ends.The Wax Room will be closed for the season from April 22, so please clean out your lockers. Ski club is not responsible for any equipment left over the summer. It is possible to arrange access until the end of April as there are staff in the office.  Phone ahead 668-4477.

Soon we will be at the toughest time of year for the trails. Some riders and runners are itching to get out. Unfortunately, it is the worst thing we can do to our trail system. As the snow melts and the frost leaves the ground, trails are left soft and muddy.

While our trails drain and dry very quickly, it still takes time to allow them to dry.

Please respect the volunteer efforts made by the trail crew and avoid using the wet, icy trails.


Thank you for great season!


Wax Room Hours:

April 13:  9am to 6pm

April 14-17: 9am to 12pm

April 18-21: 9am to 6pm (from April 22 closed for the season)

Ski Base Hours:

April 13:  10am to 6pm

April 14-17: Closed

April 18-21: 10am to 3pm (from April 22 closed for the season)