Northwestel Jackrabbit/Bunny Program Season End

Posted 16 March by Miriam 0  Comments

Our 2017 Northwestel Jackrabbit & Bunnyrabbit skiers have had an amazing season! 

Despite some very cold days during our 9-week season, these 160 hardy Yukon kids skied every session and came back smiling every time!  

The success of this program truly stems from the volunteer power behind it. Our volunteer statistics are phenomenal, this year we had: 

  • 70 (seventy!!) regular weekly volunteers
  • 12 spare volunteers (some who spared every week, and some who jumped in at a moments notice) 
  • 2 to 3 snack helpers every week and
  • 1 super-star head-snack volunteer & coordinators-assistant, Lynn Meehan, who did a LARGE amount of work behind the scenes to help make every session run smoothly

We also had great support from: 

  • our sponsor, Northwestel
  • CCY squad kids who joined us for a special Valentines Day ski 
  • Michelle Rigoni and crew who championed creation and maintenance of the Adventure Trail
  • Sally Wright who sewed bean bags for new skill games

Kristenn Magnusson: "As the JR/B program coordinator I feel privileged to have worked with such a dedicated, enthusiastic and conscientious crew of volunteers. The goal of our program is to "have fun on skis!" and encourage a life-long enjoyment of the sport. Watching the little skiers (and the volunteers) dashing around the stadium at our last session; playing games, zipping up and down hills, striding and gliding like pros, smiling and laughing - I felt like I was looking directly at the very bright future of cross-country skiing!"  

huge thank-you to all volunteers & high-fives to all our little Jackrabbit and Bunny skiers! Happy Trails!