Harvey's Hut Replacement Plan

Posted 7 April by Miriam 0  Comments

Here is a 3D rendering of the proposed replacement for Harvey's Hut. It was prepared for the Club by members Bill and David Greer (Insight Architectural Services) in collaboration with Dave Brook and under the guidance of the Harvey's Hut Committee. 

The roof and the two side walls will be metal while the two end walls will be board and baton siding. The dimensions will be 14 ft. by 16 ft. The sketch has been on the bulletin board in the wax room for past two weeks and we have received many very favourable comments.   

The construction of the new hut will begin in June and is expected to be completed in about 4 weeks.  We are very pleased to have Dave Brook as our contractor.

Many thanks for the generous support we have received from our sponsors and members and for the work of the Harvey's Hut Committee. Also many thanks to Bill & David Greer for in kind work on the design!