Air North Challenge 2017

Posted 27 January by Miriam 0  Comments

Let Air North take you away! 

Come out and participate in this fun challenge that gets you off your usual ski route and out exploring the trails! Registration starts February 1st and the challenge ends February 28th.

  • Register at the Ski Base (starting February 1)
  • Entry Fee: $10 (over 12 years), $5 (12 and younger), $25 (family)
  • Theme: Canada 150: History of Canadian Transportation
  • Main prize 2 return flights with Air North, other prizes including ski club season passes 17/18


  1. Nugget Pass – green and blue trails as far south as Crossroads Junction (excluding Powerline and the Sarah Steel loops) – for novice skiers - 7 controls

  2. Meridian Pass – as far as Best Chance excluding Pierre Harvey Trail – for intermediate skiers - 17 controls

  3. Horizon Pass – all trails including Ascent, Fraser Loop and Pierre Harvey – for experienced skiers - 23 controls

  4. Flex Pass – for snowshoers, single track trails no further than Harvey’s Hut, excluding 24 Hours of Light trail - 7 controls

  5. 6 Leg Pass – dog friendly trails – 8 controls (2 optional) 


  • Choose 1 of 5 “Passes” (category) to participate in
  • Look for controls indicated under the category you picked
  • Controls are orange and white triangle markers with a punch attached, each control has a unique PUNCH and QUESTION
  • You are required to punch your card at each control, punch the square that matches the letter or number code on the control marker
  • Come to the Ski Base to mark your answers down
  • You must complete the challenge during the month of February to be eligible for the grand prize draw (hand out the completed punch card(s)
  • You can sign for more then one category but your name will be entered for the draw prizes just once

To download waiver form, open document below.