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Exciting Job Opportunities for the 2017-2018 Ski Season!

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New Job Openings for 2017-2018 Season


Skyline Trail Development

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Skyline trail development plan was submitted to YESAB early this year.

It is in stage of Public comment. To support this project please submit a comment.


Respect the trails & Hours of Operation

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With the warm weather skiing at the Whitehorse Nordic Centre came to an end this year and the ski season is officially closed. The grooming has ended for the season (the last day of grooming was April 1).


Harvey's Hut Replacement Plan

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Here is a 3D rendering of the proposed replacement for Harvey's Hut. It was prepared for the Club by members Bill and David Greer (Insight Architectural Services) in collaboration with Dave Brook and under the guidance of the Harvey's Hut Committee. 


Subway Ski S'Cool & Stantec Lynx Season End

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Subway Ski S'Cool Program


Father Mouchet Memorial Loppet - April 15!

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Father Mouchet Loppet

The Father Mouchet Loppet in Old Crow is April 15th! Race like none other! Come laugh, ski, eat bannock & be part of history!


Yukon Ski Marathon - See You This Sunday!

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The Yukon Ski Marathon takes inspiration from the great long-distance ski races of the world!


Late Registration for Buckwheat Ski Classic 2017. Don't miss this great event!!!

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Did you miss the registration for Buckwheat Ski Classic 2017?


Northwestel Jackrabbit/Bunny Program Season End

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Our 2017 Northwestel Jackrabbit & Bunnyrabbit skiers have had an amazing season! 

Despite some very cold days during our 9-week season, these 160 hardy Yukon kids skied every session and came back smiling every time!  



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Spring Passes

Long days, sunny weather & warm temperatures (yes, it's coming) makes an ideal time to explore the trails!

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